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Impulse (Faces of Evil, #2) - Debra Webb Impulse starts with the realization that Jess' past has come back to haunt her. Spears (The Player) has been released and Lori Wells (detective from case in Obsession) has been abducted. Jess knows this has something to do with Spears even though others don't completely believe her. The FBI has basically called her out on her bizarre behavior and is implying that she may be making things up. Not to say that Lori isn't abducted but they do not believe that it is the Player but is instead a copy-cat. Tension is high in this book and many others are hurt as the action ramps up. We lose a couple of side-characters but if they had listened to Jess maybe they would have survived. There also isn't a 100% resolution to the Spears case but Jess gets her good name back.In this book the focus is on getting the case that ruined Jess' career solved plus we get a bit of release of the sexual tension that exists between Dan and Jess. You get to see that she never truly got over him and he never got over her. This is a couple that is meant to be and I find myself cheering for them to get thru all the obstacles and find the love they deserve.I loved the side characters in both Obsession and Impulse which add a depth to the story you wouldn't have otherwise. Chet Harper and Lori Wells are a wonderful couple and I was extremely happy with the fact Lori decided to face her fears and open her heart to Chet. Watching them in the series is just as much fun as seeing Dan and Jess come together.This book ends with Jess being named Deputy Chief of a new division which means Dan will be her boss. We have some ground rules set at the end of this which I had to laugh at since you know they won't be able to follow them.Overall this has been a great series to read and I am waiting for the final 2 books in the series.Special thanks to and Grand Central Publishing for letting me read these in exchange for my honest review.