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Power (Faces of Evil, #3) - Debra Webb Jess is trying to get her feet under her again and start to lead her new division at Birmingham PD. Chet Harper gets a call out to investigate the death of a ballet instructor which at first glance appears to be a horrible accident but things just don't add up to Jess. The case is pulled from her team and assigned to another division by Dan which pisses Jess off. He gives her another case of a missing teen who got written off by others at BPD. While she is pissed about losing the other case she puts her mind to investigating this disappearance.The teen's disappearance quickly escalates as the girl he was trying to help happens to be deeply involved in MS13 (an extremely dangerous gang) and Jess crosses all sorts of lines to get to the bottom of this. She ends up getting targeted by the gang which ends this story in a huge bang. Jess also stays involved in the other case even though she isn't supposed to and of course figures it out even though there is pressure to close the case and write it up as accidental. Also the victim's ex confesses to killing her so why not let it go. The twists in both cases make this an interesting read even without the Dan/Jess story.We get to see more of the tension between Dan and Jess as they try to not only figure out their professional relationship but deal with the fact that neither wants to admit their true feelings for one another. Dan makes some major first moves in this as he finally admits why they split 20 years ago and then in an aside to his ex admits that he wants Jess. Jess ends up calling her ex for information on MS13 and we get to see him make an appearance at the end of this book which sets up some interesting conflicts for this next book. Jess doesn't know that Dan has confessed to his ex what he wants so she is still trying to act like his closeness with her doesn't bug her even though it makes her jealous. They really do love each other and each of these books reinforce the fact that they need to figure this out for themselves.Overall this has been a great series to read and I am waiting for the final 2 books in the series.Special thanks to and Grand Central Publishing for letting me read these in exchange for my honest review.