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Big Boy

Big Boy - Ruthie Knox This story was a bit more serious in some respects than the others in that both the main characters are trying to escape from their real life by using a series of fantasy dates where they stay completely in character and don't really talk about who they are outside the fantasy. They do give away bits of their true lives in the stories they tell but it is all kept hidden behind the characters they play.Mandy just wants to have time to be someone else and what better way than a series of dates with a man that she doesn't know other than the character he plays when they meet. They always meet at the local train museum for their "dates" and are immediately in character from the moment they see one another. She has developed some real feelings for the man she meets and wants to potentially develop this in to a real relationship but isn't sure how to broach the subject with him. When she runs in to him at an event and he acts like he doesn't know her the blinders come off and she sees this for what it really is a series of hookups that only means something to her. She pushes the issue a bit more than he is comfortable with and I was proud of her for finally deciding this half-life with him isn't really what she wants or needs no matter how much she thinks she feels for him. She decides to stop things and then the wonderful thing happens…. He decides to show her who he is behind the games and I adored seeing the true person behind the games. Both of them are real people with real issues so it is a wonderful thing to see this addressed in such a short work.I definitely love Ruthie's voice and even in this short work you feel a connection to both characters and want them to truly have a chance. She could give me a follow-up to this and I'd read it in a heartbeat. I want to see them happy and making a real life together.I have to thank Ruthie Knox for giving me the chance to be a part of the fun surrounding this release and giving me the chance to read all of the wonderful stories…