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Out of Play

Out of Play - Nyrae Dawn, Jolene Perry Per my 14 year old YA reviewer:This book really brings into light the stained sides of people and how much they will strive to deny it. It does have some things to be taken into consideration if you want your children to read it, but it is a very inspiring work. When I read it I couldn’t help but feel a sense if pity and sympathy for Bishop, and nothing but respect for Penny. The book is written alternating between both their views, which can be quite interesting when certain major events come up.Bishop hates everything about being in Alaska, from the “babysitter” there with him, to the nonexistent pizza delivery service. That is, until he meets Penny, who makes him feel he no longer needs drugs to live.Penny, however, could really care less for Bishop until her own love fantasies start dissolving before her very eyes. To her, he is someone who accepts her as she is and understands what those close to her won’t. She is the tough girl hockey player that doesn’t like to lose. That is probably why one of the most interesting pieces of the story is watching her fall for Bishop.I couldn’t give the book a perfect score mostly because of the ending, which I felt at the time was a bit unfair and parts unrealistic. But I can look back and see they were predictable based on story development. Whatever my own personal qualms, this really was quite a good book that I wouldn’t put down for the second half. I think it is a great read not just for adults, but especially teens to young adults that, in particular, could have similar feelings or situations. The best advice I can give is to read it and enjoy it yourselves.