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Hold Me Down Hard (Entangled Flirts)

Hold Me Down Hard (Entangled Flirts) - Cathryn Fox 3.5 stars - Very cute. quick read that shows you can't always judge a person by their outside.Eden has been nursing a huge crush on her cop neighbor since they first met. He's become her best friend in the city but she wants him to see her as someone that he can play out his naughty fantasies with and be more than just her buddy. After a conversation with some of her female friends she decides to take matters in to her own hands and push the boundaries with him. She creates a script that calls for him rescuing her from a situation that has her dressed skimpily and also lets her make moves on him that she hopes will cause him to make a move.Jay has been lusting over his innocent farm girl next door neighbor but thinks there is no way she could want the rough, darker desires that he craves from her. When she comes over begging for his help rehearsing lines for a part that seems to be a tad racier than he expected. As they play out the lines he starts to wonder if she is just acting or if she really wants him in all his rough glory. He's conflicted because he really wants to keep her innocent and knows if he crossed the line with her that his career would become something he would need to give up. He's got an amazing reason to do what he does and I really enjoyed that side of him.This is a very short story but the characters were fun and I did feel like I got a nice feel for them in this short amount of time. Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.