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The Story Guy (Novella)

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers I swear to god this story will make you cry and yet leave you happy at the way it ends. I really cannot wait to see more by this author as for such a short story it has such an amazing amount of angst and heart you just can't help but want more.I'm going to keep this review short in order to not give away the full story but it is such an amazing glimpse at two people with major issues in their lives - one at a crossroads where she thinks she should be happy and one thinking he'll never be able to have happiness for himself.Carrie pretends to be completely happy in her life but deep in her heart she knows she's missing something important. She's happy to be a librarian, friend to a small group of people and loving daughter but recently her thoughts have been increasingly drawn to finding something… she isn't sure what but she does find herself wondering what is missing in her life. I mean she shouldn't complain but there is just this emptiness she can't quite put her finger on. She impulsively answers an ad for a regular Wednesday only date for just kissing in a public place and finds more than she ever thought possible.Brian is kept a bit of a mystery in the beginning but is also at a point in his life where something has to give. He puts the ad out there in the paper and has a had a couple of Wednesday meeting with people who have answered the ad but as he asked for they have led to nothing more than just kissing with no strings or other entanglements. When he meets Carrie we get an amazing story of a man who is so far beyond incredible you can't help but want to pull him to you and smother him with love and affection. He's just that kind of guy even when he is pushing her away he is calling to something deep in her soul that just won't let this incredible man go.Ok… I'm promising myself to stop here because you really just need to read this to understand why myself and others have fallen in love with Ms. Rivers and why you should as well. I mean I want a longer story from her because this one just took my breath away at the amount of heart is contained in so few pages. I can't imagine how much more we might see from her in a longer format.Thanks to and Random House/Loveswept for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. Please revisit my site on Friday, July 19th for a visit from Mary Ann Rivers.