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Devil's Bargain (Silhouette Bombshell)

Devil's Bargain - Rachel Caine What can I say about this book… Jazz is such a fun, refreshing lead and watching her stumble thru the messes she ends up in made me giggle at times. I mean come on she's just a disaster waiting to happen but she always means well. She's got a lot of bad items in her life but she has such a need to help and make something better that you want her to succeed and I think that is why I want to finish reading this series.You have some nice tension with her and the partner she gets forced to deal with, Lucia, and watching the polar opposites find common ground made the situations that much more interesting plus you have a love interest that honestly I wanted more of. He's a lawyer but also happens to be a mystery in a lot of respects but sexy as hell when you get glimpses of the person behind all the control.All in all a nice start to a series that has already been published in the past.Thanks to and Harlequin for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.