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Finding Master Right

Finding Master Right - L.A. Witt I have to admit to struggling a bit between rating this a 4 or a 3.5 star read mainly because I really did enjoy it but I sort of wish the pair had more page time once they both opened up to one another.Chase is definitely a Dom and knows what he wants but what he wants is sharing a room with him at a leather convention and has his sight set on conquering another Master. While Chase did get a night of amazing sex with him it just isn't enough especially since it was only vanilla while what he craves is to see him on his knees serving his Master. Chase is also still dealing with the bad breakup with his ex who also happens to be there but he gets an amazing chance for closure at this event and I must say I adored seeing him care for the man who is not only his best friend but might also be his true other half. He really has to work hard to open up and I have to say I liked that he really didn't jump in to anything but at the same time it did make parts of the book drag. I also truly loved how we got to see exactly what he was feeling during those moments we were in his headspace as it did make the pacing seem realistic.Derek is definitely a submissive who adores pain. He loves to be used by the Dom he is scening with but has always had his eyes on Chase. He gives in to his lust with Chase by having a single night of scorching vanilla sex but knows what he really wants from Chase is to be mastered. He's also aware of the fact that Chase is still struggling with the end of his last relationship and isn't willing to be the rebound guy for someone he truly cares about. He's open about what he wants and needs from his partners and while he wants to play with a lot of partners we see that what he really craves is something that only a single man can give him. He struggles with his feelings for Chase while still being open to playing around but when he is forced to look inwardly realizes the only reason why the times he's had at the convention were perfect were when Chase was in the room and acting as his center. He's afraid to lose something so important to him but thankfully we get to see that he is willing to take a risk to get what will hopefully be the one thing he truly needed.The buildup to their relationship is a bit slow at times but because we do get to see both sides struggle with their feelings and pasts I think it did work. I really have to thank Sarah at Riptide again because she put L.A. on my radar as an author and now the staff at Riptide Publishing are awesome resources to feed my new addiction via Thanks to both Riptide and for a chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. The two men were angsty goodness so I greatly appreciated it.