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Lush (Delicious Novel Series #2)

Lush - Lauren Dane I enjoyed this one once I got past the formatting issues in the ARC I received. We have two very strong characters who are dealing with the realities of falling in love and merging two very different lives. Mary meets Damien at a party for her friends and is instantly attracted to this bad boy musician. She's happy in her life as a caterer and supper club owner but this attraction is unlike any other she has experienced. When they run in to one another at her friend's wedding they act on this attraction. She writes this up as a fling nothing else but as they keep spending time together and talking/texting while he is on the road she finds herself getting more and more involved with him. She's understandably wary of trusting her heart to this man and portrays their relationship as nothing more than a sexual one even as her heart tells her this could be more. I liked how she didn't drop everything to be with him but I also liked that she did work to spend time with him as she became more involved. The pace the relationship took outside of their sexual one was realistic and the fears she faces as she comes to term with what being with him could mean to her life were well thought out. I was a little pissed at her reaction to something late in the book but I understood it from a fundamental level. Damien is shocked to find himself so drawn to this prickly woman. She's not afraid to call him on his behavior but she's also so willing to do anything he asks in the bedroom but not smother him outside of it. In fact she is unwilling to give him even the impression she wants him as much as he finds himself wanting her. As he gets to know her better he finds himself wanting more from their relationship but is smart enough to know that if he pushes the issue she'll leave. He's been there done that when it comes to nameless encounters and discovers what he wants is what this one woman has to give him. The only thing is he wants it all from her and he knows he has one hell of a fight on his hands as his past reputation and his status as a rock star don't help people believe that he really wants her. Of course he makes a major mistake but he not only owns up to it he works very hard to fix it with her and her friends. I'm happy he was strong enough to let her be herself and support anything she wanted to do as long as he could be a part of her life. It made him incredibly sexy although his dirty talk definitely threw him over the edge for me. He turned out to be such a sweet man hidden behind the rock star bad boy shell.This was definitely a hot read and I am happy that and Berkley Trade let me get an early copy of this in exchange for my honest review.