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Vanilla on Top

Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson This was a nice story about learning who you really are inside and what is truly important in life. Both of our leads learn this as they start to build a relationship out of a steamy first encounter.Heather is the perpetual good-girl who is a wallflower at work and in her personal life. You can see where she is more likely to bow down and hide than stand up even for herself. This is a woman who needs something to break her out of her shell so she can become not only a better worker/lover but also be happy. She is surprised when a man pushes buttons for her to take charge during a speed-dating event where she not only finds that she likes ordering a man around but man oh man can she order him to pleasure her then walk away leaving him aroused and intrigued. I enjoyed watching her put the pieces together and start to live a life with meaning plus the self-esteem she never has truly had. This is thanks to the wonderful man she meets in Tony.Tony….. sigh… what a wonderful man he ended up being. We get to see him struggle with his feelings for Heather while at the same time struggling to figure out what he is missing in his life. You get to see a man who has been driven to succeed at almost any cost but then through his interactions with Heather he uncovers what is truly important to him. He doesn't need money or prestige to be happy but instead finding the missing piece of his soul was most important. He is great when he lets her lead their sexual encounters but he is also wonderful when he pushes her buttons and boundaries when he is in charge. This is a man I would love to have in my life if it were possible. He's confident enough in himself to let the control go and be shared with his partner.Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest opinion. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more.