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Dream Nights with the CEO: A Secret Desires Novel (Entangled Brazen)

Dream Nights with the CEO - Kathy Lyons Wyatt is very career-driven and tends to focus on what he's doing more than living life. He's been having some crazy dreams about sexy times with his assistant but while they are steamy he just can't make the move he wants to. He's always been attracted to her but is unable to take the chance on making a move. He's very understanding about practical things but not so good at the intangibles in life. As he realizes that there is more in life than just work he becomes someone I would love to know. He has a secret thing for comics so that was fun to see but the rest of his life made me sad for him as one should not be happy living that way.Megan was always free-spirited but after a meeting with Wyatt when she was working at a B&B he took over made her rethink her priorities. She understands him better than anyone but still has those moments when her fanciful side comes out. She's had these sexy dreams about a mystery man but never figured out it was Wyatt until they stumble on the fact that both of them are dreaming the same things at the same time. She's more willing to accept the paranormal than Wyatt but the good news is this made them both make a move they wouldn't have normally made. I enjoyed watching their interactions and especially enjoyed how good she was at managing his obsessiveness.The moments they were together in the dreams were fun but I enjoyed the give and take that went on between the two of them as it showed that they were truly equals. Special thanks to and Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.