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A Risk Worth Taking

A Risk Worth Taking - Victoria  James I enjoyed this quite a bit due to the fact that there were real issues discussed and handled. Nothing seemed completely far-fetched or forced between the main pair. Holly has worked extremely hard to get where she is at in the interior design firm she loves. Just as she is getting the news of a major career goal her phone rings giving her life-changing news. She's forced to come to terms not only with the loss of two people she loves but she also has to take over the upbringing of her infant niece. This is a woman who has defined herself by her career and never by having a family. She's heading back to where she was raised to renovate and sell the home her grandparent's owned so she can use that money for her niece. This renovation brings with it the only man she really ever loved who turned her down years ago and left her devastated. She works through her feelings for him and her regrets for what might have been with her sister/brother-in-law had they survived to do the renovation everyone always dreamed of. She grows up a lot during this story and starts to realize what is truly important may not be what she ever dreamed for herself but that it will fulfill her in ways she never thought could happen.Quinn has always wanted Holly but knew that she needed to get out of the small town and experience life. He's been through a lot since they last were around one another and this has made him a bit skittish when it comes to spending time with kids. He pushes all her buttons and when he realizes that she has become everything he had hoped for her to become of course he has to go for it. He does a bit of push/pull with her as he finds his footing but I think what I liked most was he really didn't hide things from her other than the one thing that hurt him most during their time apart. I think when he comes clean to her about why he pushed her away all those years ago and why he did something less than a year later that cut her to the quick it made for a very believable discussion with a great conclusion. I adored how growly he would become and how much he melted when spending time with her niece. I also loved that he really wanted her to make a decision on her own about where they would go from here.This was a sweet story with a decent amount of heat. My thanks to and Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.