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The Rebound Girl

The Rebound Girl - Tamara Morgan I struggled with how to rank this one. I loved it but there was one thing keeping it from a 5 star for me - the heroine. I liked her but she was just so hard to get close to for both the reader and her adorable hero.Whitney is used to getting her own way and will let nothing sidetrack her from her goals of opening a medical spa with her friends. She's also very open when it comes to sex but is not willing to even consider that there might just be a relationship and love out there for her. She's scarred from her past where a man she gave up everything for ended up cheating on her and is determined to never be that vulnerable again. She's loud and opinionated but in this small town it makes her a pariah and not someone that will fit in which ends up causing things to happen that put their plans of a medical spa in jeopardy. Before all this happens she meets Matt in a bar and can't help but feel for this obviously sweet man that is so horrifically clueless when it comes to dating or picking up women. Matt is still smarting from his divorce from a woman who cheated on him. He's such a good guy though that he keeps helping her at every turn and while lonely isn't quite ready to start again. When he gets a chance to meet Whitney he's intrigued and extremely interested in this woman who doesn't seem to care what people think. She's exciting and outlandish but there is something about her that calls to him for more more more. He's shocked when she suggests she be his rebound girl but is unwilling to have intercourse with her unless they are truly in a relationship. He's strong and yet there is this inherent weakness in him for taking care of people at the expense of self that you just can't help but be drawn to. He's also deliciously sexy with what he is willing to do with and for Whitney sexually other than full intercourse. I loved him and I have to say I cheered when he finally let everything out to stand up for himself and his needs. He didn't deserve the crap people were willing to put on his shoulders but at the same time he needed to learn that he was worthy on his own and to put boundaries in place when needed.Ok… where I had problems… Whitney was very harsh on Matt in many sections of this book and I'm sorry I did get a bit frustrated with her. I only wish she had been able to let him in a bit more and a bit earlier even though I did understand it. I liked Whitney being strong and everything but she came dangerously close to just being a bitch at times….. Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this one in exchange for my honest review. I'd have to say read this for our amazingly wonderful hero. You'll warm up to Whitney eventually but Matt makes the book.