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Beast Behaving Badly (Pride Stories Series #5)

Beast Behaving Badly - Shelly Laurenston I have to say I loved this installment in the Pride series by Shelly Laurenston when I read it in 2010 and again when I grabbed this copy from As with all the series the humor is over the top but the characters make you want to come back for more and the heat between the main pair is as always a palpable thing even when they try to deny the truth.Blayne is a scatterbrained, overly hyper wolf-dog hybrid that tends to overreact to situations in some of the funniest ways. She means well she really does but at times you wonder if she has a brain in her head. She's always been afraid of our hero from the first time they met but thankfully she wasn't around him much until now. She's desperately needing help toughening up for the roller derby and needs the single-minded intensity of the bear-cat hockey player in order to keep her place on the team. She approaches him for training and let the fun begin. Add in her tendency to pick on Dee-Ann plus the hidden depths of what she is actually capable of and we have such a wonderful female lead that will keep you on your toes. She's absolutely hilarious with a heart of gold.Ok.. now to why I adored the book… Bo Novikov. I absolutely adore this massively OCD bear-cat shifter and his true insanity when it comes to time management plus organization. He just pursues everything he does with a single-minded approach of must win that he can't understand why people have a problem with that. When he says be there at 7 he means 7… not 7:01 not 6:55 he means 7. He likes things to be exactly the way he wants them and just can't handle anything else. Add this intensity to the insanity that is Blayne and you have a pair that makes no sense from the outside but works when they get together. We see Bo in all the books following this one and watching people mess with him by doing something as simple as moving items around in his hockey locker made me laugh every time. Once he decides that Blayne is what he wants he does his best to handle her ignoring of schedules and distinct lack of organizational skills even while they drive him crazy. She brings a lightness to him that he really does need and softens (very slightly) the edges around his rough exterior. Some of my favorite moments are when he lets his hair down (literally his mane grows longer in certain circumstances) and he loves to "blame the mane." Get started on this series if you haven't already as a new one comes out March 26th. Thanks to and Kensington for letting me read a new copy of this wonderful title in exchange for my honest review.