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The Seduction Hypothesis

The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden read this preRT convention and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed getting to meet Delphine while there!Imagine having to be stuck in a RV for hours with your ex-boyfriend. It would suck wouldn't it? In this case it all works out for the pair in the end as they really never lost their lust or feelings for one another it just didn't work out. Both of them were hiding things from each other but I loved how it all played out.Lindsey has always had an interest in BDSM but when Ben saw her reading a comic that is heavily BDSM oriented and tore it apart verbally she believed that he would be so adamantly opposed to it she never brought it up. As she hid more of this side of her nature away they started to come apart at the seams. She still wants him but her need to be dominated is becoming more and more prevalent with his misinterpretation of her interest in a mutual friend causes them to finally split up. When they arrive at the convention she lucks in to a gig as a substitute for one of the submissive characters in her favorite comic which allows her to experiment with this side of her nature.Ben is shocked when he sees his ex acting out her submissive fantasies (mild and publicly acceptable) and realizes he still wants her. After a funny conversation with the friend (actually his girlfriend) he finally wakes up to realize that he is turned on by her wanting to be dominated. Even better he goes about finding out more about the lifestyle and realizes he's not only turned on by it but that he wants to be the one to fulfill all her fantasies. I really enjoyed watching him wake up and come out of his shell. He's geeky but hot and when his inner Dom comes out to play it is a lot of fun to read. I also enjoyed that he did work on his own issues with never committing to anything long term and realized that this was also a major part in their breakup.This is a cute, hot read and trust me I think any of us would love to have Ben for our very own… Long live the sexy geek.Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me a chance to review this in exchange for my honest review.