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A Little Harmless Fantasy - Melissa Schroeder Ok, I have to start this off with a wow is it hot! You have two people hopelessly in love with one man who end up finding that maybe three is better than two.Mel gives us a strong heroine with a lot of issues to work through but at her core she is deeply in love with her ex-Zeke. They love each other but Maura knows she needs to have a Dom to be completely happy and Zeke is just not that person. Love for one another makes them split up as they both know the fundamental need she has would not be fulfilled and neither would be happy as they kept hurting each other. Zeke has one of the loves of his life back in Rory but he knows something is missing. You can see the love the two men have for one another and watching Rory with Zeke was beautiful. Even though there is a lot of pain and angst in their past there is a huge amount of love between these two that shines through the hurt. Rory proposes a way to get Maura out of Zeke's system by having them spend the week in Hawaii together as a triad but ends up finding what it was that Zeke fell in love with. I loved seeing the three of them work through their issues and especially seeing Rory deal with realizing what he is capable of.This is a very hot read but a huge amount of heart, pain and love behind all the main players actions. This is a ménage a trois that will work long-term and fulfill each partners basic dreams and needs to an extent most people never find.I have to thank Melissa Schroeder and Brandy Walker for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. You want this one… you truly do. All three partners have their private moments together and as a part of the triad which is a rare thing to see.