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Just What He Wanted - I adored this pairing in the Holloway series and just want to tell HelenKay to keep em coming!Andie has moved to this nice sleepy town to get away from the big city and be back to her childhood roots. She wasn't raised here but she was raised in a small town and out where nature was her best friend. She's lost her way a bit and has some major self-confidence and image issues but mainly she gets hung up on her age versus the man who catches her eye. I loved how she wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in but at the same time I felt for both of them as her own insecurities kept them from letting something good happen for both of them. She's smart, independent, strong and worthy of everything that he sees in her but needs to see it herself. I felt for her as you find out more about her exes and the way she believed them over everything else even as she knew they were worthless.Travis is a lucky man in many ways other than finding his one true partner. When he meets Andie he is instantly smitten but is frustrated with the roadblocks she keeps putting up against him. He does some really stupid things that bring him a bit (just a little) of grief from those he considers family but after saying some really stupid (true but timing was horrible) things in a very public forum he's convinced she's never going to be his. Add to this issue his own problems with his lack of biological family and we get some angst and tension that I was happy to see worked through. I liked how his adoptive family rally around him and support him no matter what he does and is willing to push him when he needs it. It was nice to see them all interact and show him his true worth. This is a good man who didn't deserve what he dealt with when he was younger and I hope we get to see more surrounding the mystery man in future stories.This was a really sweet read that I am happy to recommend to anyone that wants to see a strong woman learn that she really is beautiful and a man that gets to understand what he really wanted can be summed up in one woman.Special thanks to Morgan from Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.