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Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, #2) - Lynda Aicher I have to say in a few respects I preferred this installment to Bonds of Trust due to a much stronger heroine and a better developed issue she had in completely letting the hero in. I understood the issues in the first installment but the heroine didn't make me happy with her treatment of her hero. In this one I fell in complete love with the pair as they work through her issues and in doing so make the hero realize his own problems.Kendra has a secret that she considers a dirty one. She not only is a submissive but she likes pain. She has everything so twisted in her mind due to an abusive ex that she believes the only way she can get off is to have pain inflicted but is so screwed up she thinks that this need also makes her twisted. She agrees to go to the Den for a Mardi Gras party where she decides to face her fears and perform a Scene with a Dom but only in the public Dungeon where her friends won't go. Well… one would but she is keeping company with her Dom and the other more reserved friend in the lighter scene areas. She luckily has already caught the eye of one of the co-owners of the club who steps in when it is quickly discovered that she is not really prepared to Scene even though she claims to need it. I loved watching her blossom under his guidance and ,even though it did take a rather harsh step on his part to finally make her hit rock bottom, finally stand up for what she wanted in both her private life but also take the steps to become who she needed to with her wealthy family. She had it in her all the time but she had been so beaten down by her ex and her family she truly didn't see herself as worthy.Deklan… sigh… man oh man was he a wonderful piece of work. He had always kept an eye on her from afar as one of her neighbors but never crossed the line to try to start something with her until she showed herself to be a submissive. The way he worked with her to get her to accept who she was and that her desires were nothing to be ashamed of even if they weren't the status quo was amazing. His final push of her to break down that last part of the wall she had around herself was an amazing scene to read as both of them were wide open and truly holding back nothing. He's an amazing character that also had to face a few hard truths of his own and his past was something that was heart wrenching to read. I'm looking forward to seeing the third Dom fall hard for his other half so bring it quickly please.. LOLThanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.