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Wayward One - Lorelie Brown I will warn you I tend to be a bit biased when it comes to Lorelei’s books whether they are just her or her collaboration with another author that results in the naughtiness of Katie Porter. I did receive this one from Lorelei but as always she doesn’t ask me to write nice reviews or honestly even to review the books. I just love them enough to let you know that this is a really nice book full of snark, heat and enough love to make you smile. Sera has always held out hope that the benefactor paying for her schooling is actually her father taking care of a bastard daughter. She’s held out hope that she isn’t an orphan but in one moment finds out the man paying her bills is a bit of a rogue. He runs gambling halls and other scandalous enterprises which of course will not do. She sets out to find out why he is paying for her to make her way but ends up getting more than she bargained for when she also gets persuaded (hmmm more like persuades him) to put things to rights in his household so he can live more like a respectable gentleman than rogue. She’s uptight, judgmental and very stuck in appearances to society but under all this is a woman who has a heart of gold with a streak of rebelliousness that fits our hero perfectly. Fletcher… sigh… Fletcher… He’s not an easy man to pin down. I mean we have a man who operates on the dark side of society due to his birthright. We have a man that takes care of his people and wants to better their positions. We have a man who is such a sweetheart to Sera even to the point of holding himself away from her as to not taint her with his current enterprises. He wants her so much not only for the air of respectability but ultimately for the woman she is under all the prim and proper. He’s attempting to finally come out from under his dad’s reputation and make his world in the respectable parts of society but has his best laid plans thrown for a bit of a loop when Sera takes matters in to her own hands. These two are definitely meant for one another and the snark that goes between them was fun to read and enjoy. There is a bit of heat in this but not too much to override the sweet story of two people finding something precious that makes them perfectly suited for their times and environment. They are a fun pair to read and I thank Lorelei for giving me the chance to do so. As always… She can give me more any time as I will be happy to head back to this period and little group she has created.