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Shadow City - Diana Pharaoh Francis We start this book with Max and Alex still in limbo but this book pulls everyone apart… Max is now having to help Scooter get back parts of himself in another realm while Alex is trying to keep it together and save Horngate from a birthing Fury. This book has it all.. death… destruction… love… angst… action… I swear your head will be turning repeatedly as you try to keep up with all the moving parts but at the core we are still watching Max figure out who she is and what she can do She's also brought to her knees by realizing what exactly drives her and it isn't what she always thought. She does things without thought but at the core she is driven by a need to protect those who cannot protect themselves either due to being weaker or due to being slaves as she once was. I like her core of strength and in this book she needs it more than before. She is driven to the edge of her own limits and in one case almost permanently removed from the equation. I loved watching her fight to be free and to free Scooter from his chains. She is someone that I would probably want to kill 90% of the time but would want at my back and as my friend due to her loyalty.Alex… sigh… poor tortured Alex. He gets put through the wringer many times in this series and this book was hard on him from a personal perspective but also from the standpoint of finding his place. He does step up and protect Horngate from a sense of obligation to Max but you also start to sense that this is now his home in more ways than just a place to stay. He's putting down roots and it scares him to his core as he isn't sure exactly what he means to Max or to the others. This is an incredibly strong man who has been through hell but even when he almost goes feral manages to come to peace with his Prime and step in to lead what is now his… I liked watching him get control back and felt that he deserved so much more from Max than he ended up getting. I wanted to just hurt both of them while understanding why we are getting tortured by the author. This one will break your heart quite a few times but man is it worth the ride.