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To the Fifth Power - Shirin Dubbin This is going to be a very short review as it is a fairly short story.Zola has gone thru hell and back watching her sidekick get killed in front of her threw her in to a mental breakdown that she still doesn't feel healed from. She's given up being the main planner for the superheroes guild but isn't really living life yet. She's brought back in to the fold when 3 major criminals get loose from the psychiatric facility they've been held in but she's still not convinced she's really ready to be what people desperately want from her.Fort was the one who managed to get Zola functional but has his own major secrets that he holds on to until the very end of this story. He's sexy but you always get the sense that there is something holding him back from really taking what he wants from Zola. I liked him and loved what he risked to help her. He's very much more than just a doctor but is really a great match for Zola.This was a very neat take on superheroes and I am looking forward to more from this series. I can't say much more because there is a nice twist in this story that deserves to stay hidden until the reader finds it. Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.