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Masked Cowboy (Men of the White Sandy, #2) - Sarah M. Anderson Just like Mystic Cowboy Sarah takes us back to the White Sandy in Masked Cowboy. We get to see Rebel and Madeline again but this is about Jacob and his lady-love Mary-Beth with a side visit to the reservation. We get to see who has been behind the poisonings and find out more about the town that surrounds the reservation.Mary-Beth has always kept moving away from things that seem too much like relationships. She always leaves her romantic entanglements and isn't looking for anything other than the chance to get her new veterinary practice off the ground away from everyone she knows. When she gets to see the show that a masked cowboy puts on she's incredibly drawn to this mysterious sexy man but is more intrigued by the little girl she sees him pick up. Who is this little girl and how can she help with her? As she gets drawn in to the mystery of poisoned animals and the little girl she also finds herself spending more time with a man who gets under her skin in a way she never has experienced. I liked how outspoken she was and especially appreciated how much she was unwilling to let Jacob treat her as if she didn't matter. She pushed him to open up to her but in a way that you were rooting for and not one that turned you off. My heart broke for her at the end but man Jacob knew what to do even if it didn't seem like it at first.Jacob is obviously hiding something as he wears a mask but he also keeps to himself and doesn't let many people close to him since the incident that left him scarred. He's got a child no one knew about and is working for a man no one likes but there has to be more to the story than people understand. What we find out is a man who is stuck in a holding pattern protecting everything he holds dear from a man bent on destroying the reservation. He hides behind the mask because of the damage he sustained when he lost his first and only love but also uses it as a crutch to keep others at bay. He's determined to keep Mary-Beth at a distance because he doesn't believe himself worthy of love but after a stormy interlude in a remote cabin he just can't do it. When the worst thing imaginable almost happens to Mary-Beth he reacts in such a heart-warming way that you can't help but want him for yourself. The level of trust he puts in her very early on was amazing and seeing her return his trust with equal abandon was wonderful even as they both kept a bit distant. Your heart will break for the hell he has been through at the hands of an insane individual but will sing when you see him let Mary-Beth in.This is a couple who don't have an easy path to love but it is a love you know will last as it is built on mutual respect and need plus a good dose of friendship. I cannot thank Sarah enough for sharing a copy of this with me early as I really enjoyed it. I'm ready for more in the series especially… Nobody!!!